Senator Bernie Sanders, you are the only candidate the masses are willing to support. You are well aware that the people will suffer dearly if establishment politics is allowed to continue.

We believe, that with the vast majority of Independents (70%) and with 46% of Democrats supporting you, your coalition is in fact larger than the FDR coalition — historic.

The DNC and the RNC are not just gangs of politicians anymore. They are often the kinds of politicians that are called ‘superpredators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.

We urge you to go to the Democratic convention with the full intention of clinching the nomination by opening the votes of the pledged delegates up and allowing them to vote on the floor for whomsoever they wish to — if the case to the superdelegates on polling against Trump and Independent support fails to succeed. Everyone is aware that this primary was far from fair.

If the Democratic Party chooses at its own electoral peril to disregard the peoples’ case — embodied in your nomination — for the White House, we urge you to run with Jill Stein, who has multiple times offered her seat to you, or to run as an independent write-in candidate while building up a real peoples’ party. We trust no one else but you, Bernie Sanders, with the reforms required. The Platform Committee will only result in empty concessions without you having the nomination.


Saib Bilaval, writing on behalf of

The People


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Senator Bernie Sanders: Senator Sanders PLEASE do not back down!
Senator Sanders, you are the only candidate the masses are willing to support. You are well aware that the people will…


A Personal Note:

I am a 23 year-old history student from India. Since you announced your run, I have put in hundreds of hours into your campaign efforts: into phone banking, into online activism, into watching every CSPAN Sanders speech, in writing academic and journalistic pieces on you and the movement your brave, juggernaut candidacy has sparked. I even convinced my father, a publisher, to buy the India rights to your autobiography “Outsider in the White House” because we could not contribute to your campaign, being foreign citizens.

What drives me: the fact that no politician in human history, short of Martin Luther King Jr or Eugene Victor Debs had the sort of unending compassion and rock solid integrity and commitment to the people that you possess. If the left leadership in India had a third of your commitment to the masses, my country would have been a much better place. Even Gandhi famously took massive amounts of contributions from billionaires and corporations — you have not.

There is so much that you have taught us. That it IS possible to rally the people for progressive causes. How to have a shot at bringing about real change without selling out. How to successfully challenge the stranglehold that the billionaires and corporations have over our politics and economy. How to expand economic rights on a limited Federal budget. How to make a message really resonate with the masses — and the popular language to use. I could never unFeel the Bern.