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Articles by Saib Bilaval
Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault – and the Media Refuses to Cover It
Saib Bilaval · What Biden is alleged to have committed goes far beyond what was earlier known: from inappropriate touching to sexual assault.
Bernie Sanders Would Be Crazy to Drop Out Now. It Would Also Be Bad for Biden.
Saib Bilaval · Since Super Tuesday, one after the other, the arms of the corporate media and Democratic establishment have been calling for Bernie Sanders to drop out. While it is true that his path to victory has greatly narrowed (there’s no...
Dear Bernie
Saib Bilaval · Dear Bernie, I am a 28-year-old History PhD from India. Since you announced your run in 2015, I’ve put in hundreds of hours into your campaign efforts: into texting, online activism, watching every CSPAN speech, rally, town hall and...
Bernie Sanders Has No Reason to Drop Out. Here's Why.
Saib Bilaval · The media and the Democratic establishment have written Bernie Sanders off. Others, like Rep. Jim Clyburn, are calling for Sanders to drop out, the debates to be called off, and for the remaining primaries to be canceled.
Bernie Sanders and the Myth of Low Youth Turnout in the Democratic Primary
Saib Bilaval · First and foremost, the 13% figure is for proportion of young (18-29 years old) voters among total voters that turned out to vote on election day. In other words, 13% of total voters that turned out were between 18-29 years in age. It...
Bernie Sanders Will Tie Biden in the Final Super Tuesday Results: Why It Looks Good for Sanders
Saib Bilaval · Biden’s current lead (566-501) which is being advertised by the media does not include the full vote count and allocation of states that Sanders handily won – Colorado, Utah and California (though Vermont is complete). 188 delegates...
Warren Played the Spoiler on Super Tuesday – Helping Biden to Stop Sanders
Saib Bilaval · Warren did not even come in the top 2 in any state, losing her home state rather badly, and barely winning any delegates, absolutely unviable in most states. Yet, the 10-18% voteshare that she occupied in some states despite being far...
The Latest Polls Show That Sanders Can Win All the Delegates in New Hampshire
Saib Bilaval · If the Sanders campaign makes the most of its days leading up to New Hampshire – a total victory is within reach.
There Are Enough Irregularities in the Iowa Caucus to Warrant Scrutiny: the Problems
Saib Bilaval · One irregularity after the other really brings into question how the Iowa caucus was conducted by the Iowa Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Bernie Sanders Is Officially the Democratic Frontrunner Heading Into Iowa: Here's Why
Saib Bilaval · Recent months have made it clear that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in the presidential election, regardless of what Democratic lawmakers and media elites argue.
Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee's Take on the RSS Exposes the Hypocrisy of Indian Savarna Liberals
Understanding Coalition Politics in Jammu and Kashmir
Saib Bilaval · Jammu & Kashmir Govt Dismissal, Governor’s Rule a Move to Consolidate Hindu Votes in the State, Monopolise Media Narrative – Local Rivalries Are to Blame
Dear Democratic Party - the Champions of Disarray
The Mysteries Surrounding Hillary Clinton's Health Send a Single Message: #Bringbackbernie
Saib Bilaval · It is worth comparing that to Vermont Senator and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who is older (at 75 to Clinton’s 68), who is the perfect picture of good health, has no handlers, walks everywhere, flies coach on airplanes – and...
“You Can Have Your Weak Nominee If You Wish” – the Sanders Endorsement Backfires on Hillary Clinton, Empowers Sanders in One Masterstroke
Saib Bilaval · Ultimately, what the Sanders endorsement has proved is what the candidate was arguing from the beginning – that it was not Sanders and his campaign that was holding Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers back. By ceasing to lobby for the...
Hillary Is Not Innocent Just Because James Comey Says So
Saib Bilaval · Both the Democrats and the Republicans had been hinging on Comey’s “integrity” to finally end the email matter once and for all, and to not politicise an objective probe. However, looking into history shows us that the reputation is...
An Open Letter to BERNIE SANDERS: Don't Back Down!
Saib Bilaval · The DNC and the RNC are not just gangs of politicians anymore. They are often the kinds of politicians that are called ‘superpredators.’ No conscience, no empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring...
“Shame on You, Bernie!”: Why Politico's Journalists Aren't Really Journalists
Saib Bilaval · POLITICO’s wisdom is unparalleled. Independents or millenials as a group do not appear to count – even in the general election. Bernie supporters such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner are white young men to...
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: Why Hillary Refuses to Debate Sanders Before the California Primary
Saib Bilaval · After Hillary Clinton recently reneged on her promise to debate Bernie Sanders in California, the real reasons for the refusal appear to be very different. The longer the scrutiny of her record and comparison to Sanders continues, the...
Masterstroke: a Sanders-Trump Debate
Saib Bilaval · For months now, Hillary Clinton has been trying to ‘focus on the general election’ as the ‘frontrunner’ to take on Donald Trump. If the Republican nominee agrees to debate her opponent, it is the biggest slap on the face to the claim...
F*ck the Party Establishment!
Saib Bilaval · What's the point of being a progressive Democrat if you stand with the centre-right party establishment? This is the first and the last time a true champion of the people will come from within the system. Everyone else would just sell...