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What Did You Do? Short Film with Poetry About Climate Change

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  • Decade ZERO

Definition: n. The last few years in which we can still tackle dangerous climate change if we take the necessary drastic action now.

What did you do? Please help us fight climate inaction:

We have all heard of climate change, and yes, most of us believe it is a real and dangerous thing caused by human activity.  So why hasn't this been reflected in governmental policy making?

There certainly isn't money to be made in highlighting climate change for the powerful fossil fuel industry who lobby, and become ever more entwined, within governments.   On the contrary, our free market economy means that the profit incentive lies in making sure that we, the public, do absolutely nothing about this issue.  It doesn't help that the most devastated communities at the moment are in faraway countries, that are paradoxically the least responsible for these dangerous emissions.

To make matters worse, there hasn't been a relatable and powerful enough mass movement by progressive people.  All of this means that the general public cannot grasp the sheer gravity and urgency of the matter, even if they know that climate change is happening right now.

We have been warned for decades; the longer we wait, the closer we are to the point of no return.  The time to act is now.  It is Decade Zero of the climate issue.


  • How Can Art Help?

Art is powerful.  It can bring communities together; it can spark protest; ultimately, it can be a catalyst to real, significant change. When there was unprecedented photojournalistic access to the Vietnam War, it was artists, writers, poets who took lead and sparked protest that eventually brought this pointless and destructive event to an end.  Art can provide a sense of something tangible that people can grasp onto – an idea that burns in people's minds and hearts long afterwards – even pertaining to issues that are obscure in space or time.

In short, art holds the potential for expressing abstruse ideas to a wide audience and igniting public action.  We need your support in order to organise an art exhibition in London to highlight the injustices of climate change, ocean acidification, and environmental pollution.

Our aim is to animate the public and bring people into real action in the fight for your grandchildren's future.