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This Is Neoliberalism ▶︎ Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society II: 1939 - 1950 (Part 4)

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If you've ever wanted to understand what neoliberalism is, this is the series for you.


In 1939, a fragile world which had just begun to climb out of the depths of global economic depression, and ended the first truly global war in recorded history only 25 years earlier, peered downward into an abyss blacker than any it had ever glimpsed before. By the close of the 1940’s, global civilization was sitting on one of the most profound inflection points in all of human history. Much, but not all of the world, was about to experience unprecedented prosperity under embedded liberalism, and the ideals of social democracy had never been more ascendant. However, the truth was that the post-war consensus was far from safe. It was within this tension, between the magnificent gains of social democracy and the hostile road laid before it, that Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society were poised to begin dissolving the ground beneath all opponents of neoliberalism. _____________________________________________________





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Recommended reading:


-"The Road To Serfdom" by Friedrich Hayek

-"Freedom And The Economic System" by Friedrich Hayek

-"The Counter-Revolution of Science: Studies on the Abuse of Reason" by Friedrich Hayek

-"Economics And Knowledge" by Friedrich Hayek

-"The Use of Knowledge In Society" by Friedrich Hayek

-"Bureaucracy" by Ludwig von Mises

-"The Open Society And Its Enemies" by Karl Popper

-"Friedrich Hayek: A Biography" by Alan Ebenstein

-"Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics" by Daniel Stedman-Jones

-"The Road From Mont Pelerin: The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective" by Philip Mirowski & Dieter Plehwe

-"Hayek's Challenge" by Bruce Caldwell

-"Economics As Ideology" by Kenneth R. Hoover

-"A Short History of the Mont Pelerin Society" by Eamonn Butler





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