Boomerang: Empire and Britain's Economy (2023)

Empire not only made the colonies. It made the unequal Britain we see today.

The UK is in a moment of crisis and mainstream economics is failing to respond. Many of the challenges faced today – from the cost-of-living to climate breakdown – are the legacies of a deeper and darker history that forms the very bedrock of our modern economic system.

In BOOMERANG, a new documentary from openDemocracy, academic and author Kojo Koram visits the city of Liverpool to explore how decisions of decades past are breaking Britain today – and how an honest reckoning with the legacies of empire can help us build an economy that works for all.

Featuring legendary footballer John Barnes, academic and writer Dalia Gebrial, and Labour MP Clive Lewis.

For media inquiries contact: [email protected]

Produced by Planet B productions:

The documentary is inspired by Kojo Koram's book 'Uncommon Wealth: Britain and the Aftermath of Empire' which can be purchased here.
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