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The Yugas: The Great Time Cycles of the Universe (2020)

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Time. What is it? This is such an odd question to ask. But to never inquire into the nature of time is even more strange. We are all subject to time and its process of birth, life, decay, and death. This linear process makes us believe that the nature of time is just linear and something we don’t need to explore. But is it linear or something completely different and a lot greater than we have first considered? Time is something we never consider just like fish don’t consider the water in which they live. But in one of the longest enduring cultures in the world, they didn’t just consider time, but they also mapped its birth and relationship to the nature of consciousness itself. In this documentary, you will learn about the Yugas, one of the most unique perspectives of time known to humanity. Be prepared to have your worldview and perspective of time turned upside down.

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