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The Writings of an Earth Lover


This video is dedicated to the memory of Vivienne Elanta. She was an Australian environmental activist. With her partner John Croft, she co-founded the Gaia Foundation of Australia, with the objectives of developing projects which are engaging towards personal growth, strengthening the community, and service to the Earth.

Just before her death in 2004, she shared her last words with John, compiled in this poem "The Writings of an Earth Lover."

John Croft is an international trainer for regenerative communities and the co-founder of Dragon Dreaming, a method for running projects which combines systemic theories, ancient wisdom, mindfulness exercises, participatory project design tools, and proven management methods. To discover more about Dragon Dreaming: and

This video was realized by "The Great Relation," a film production exploring the indivisible relation to ourselves, others, and nature.

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