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This is an Anthem for Our Times

4.9 ·

I think the world deserves to see the truth about #NoDAPL

I tried my best to portray what I felt at camp, I felt LOVE. Love for all people, all living things, Mother Earth herself, and concern for future generations. I felt what this world needs at this time, Unity beyond race, concern for one another, and togetherness. I felt peace and calm. Then when the police came I felt the opposite, I felt lies, setups, and oppression, but I'm trying not to dwell on the negative. My only wishes with this video is that it helps in some way. Wasn't sure how to help so I just started filming.

Much love to everyone on the front lines!! Much love Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin, Turtle Island, all Indigenous Nations overseas, all spiritual leaders, and all beautiful Human Beings of all colors (Black, Red, White, Yellow, Pink, and Orange haha! jk). You are all important and I love you all equally!

When I was at camp I got the feeling that this is the beginning of something new, something that excited me and woke me up, learning a new way to fight injustice, something bigger than what I thought it was, and it's beautiful. The energy, courage, and unity I felt at camp is inspirational.

To EVERYONE at home let's keep spreading truth for those on the front lines!

If anyone seeing this goes to Standing Rock, I would encourage you to be humble, sit by the microphone where they talk and feed, and listen to the leadership teach good things. It's a beautiful happening, don't go to lead, go to help... Peace love and prayers to all including the police, sheriff, gov, and ETP, maybe they will have a change of heart. And if not I'll see you on the front lines! hahaha!!!

- Prolific The Rapper

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