Miki Kashtan: Exiting the Either/Or Trap - Decision Making Beyond Consensus and Command / Control

Are long, drawn-out consensus processes the only alternative to a rigid, hierarchical decision making model that reinforces unhealthy power dynamics? Trainer, facilitator and writer Miki Kashtan offers her powerful framework of Convergent Facilitation, which is a model of group decision making that is both efficient and ensures that all voices are heard.

This event, recorded May 11th, 2020, is part of the "Where Do We Go From Here" speaker series hosted by the East Point Peace Academy. Over the next few months, we will hear from activists, organizers, scholars and trainers about how movements can respond to these times, and how to adjust moving forward. Other speakers include George Lakey, Erica Chenoweth, Susan Burton, Lynice Pinkard and more.

Visit www.eastpointpeace.org for information.

All our events are offered without charge on the Gift Economy. To support our work, please visit http://eastpointpeace.org/support.

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