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Black Lives That Still Matter: The Deaths Behind the Movement in 24 parts (ch. 1)

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This compilation of videos is mostly based on research done for Michael Harriot’s  “A Timeline of Events That Led to the 2020 ‘Fed Up’- Rising” for

More stories are out there, and we don’t want to leave anyone out.  Please feel free to email us at and help us make this more complete.

CHAPTER ONE:                                                                                      CHAPTER TWO:

1) Amadou Diallo- New York City, 1999                                                 13) Kalief Browder- New York City, 2015
2) Sean Bell - New York City, 2006                                                          14) Sandra Bland -Walter County, Texas, 2015

3) Kenneth Chamberlain - White Plains, NY, 2011                                15) Philando Castile - St. Anthony, MN, 2016
4) Trayvon Martin- Miami Gardens, FL, 2012                                        16) Alton Sterling -Baton Rouge, LA, 2016

5) Rekia Boyd- Chicago, 2012                                                                  17) Korryn Gaines - Baltimore, MD, 2016

6) Eric Garner- New York City, 2014                                                        18) Terence Crutcher - Tulsa, OK, 2016

7) John Crawford- Beaver Creek, OH, 2014                                           19) Stephon Clark - Sacramento, CA, 2018

8) Mike Brown Jr. - Ferguson, MO, 2014                                                20) Botham Jean - Dallas, TX, 2018
9) Tamir Rice - Cleveland, OH, 2014                                                       21) Atatiana Jefferson-Fort Worth, TX, 2019

10) Walter Scott - North Charleston, SC, 2015                                      22) Ahmaud Arbery - Brunswick, GA, 2020
11) Freddie Gray - Baltimore, MD, 2015                                                  23) Breonna Taylor - Louisville, KY, 2020

12) Sam DuBose - Cincinnati, OH, 2015                                                 24) George Floyd - Minneapolis, 2020

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