Articles by Thom Hartmann
To Save US Democracy, Tax the Rich at 90%
Thom Hartmann · Wealthy people in America screamed and yelled when FDR said he would do it, claiming a hike from 25% to 90% would crash the economy, but instead that top tax rate kicked off the first middle class to encompass more than half a nation’s...
Yes, the Looting Must Stop
Thom Hartmann · Looting is the word of the day, on the lips of every newscaster, the president, and elected officials across the country.  And, indeed, looting is a major problem in America.
The Second Amendment Was Ratified to Preserve Slavery
Thom Hartmann · The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says “State” instead of “Country” (the Framers knew the difference – see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was...
Why Surprising Numbers of Republicans Vote for Bernie Sanders
Thom Hartmann · Ann Coulter knows who she wants to be the Democratic nominee for president, and who that person is, well, it may surprise you.   She wants Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, and
The Lessons Ancient People Have for Us
Thom Hartmann · From the San and the Kogi: Value community and cooperation; we are part of the world, not separate from it. One of the oldest cultures on Earth is that of the !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in the northern parts of South...
The Secret of Enough
Thom Hartmann · First, the truth If you are naked, cold, and hungry, and somehow you get shelter, clothing, and food, you will feel better. Providing for these necessities creates a qualitative change in life, and could even be said to, in some ways...
There’s Power in How We Think about Things
Thom Hartmann · When you walk or drive down a city street, what you are seeing all around you are manifestations of thoughts. Every building began as an idea in somebody’s mind. Somebody acquired the land. Somebody designed the house. Somebody had...
The Internet Is Dead, Long Live the Internet!
The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program · The internet as we know it is dead.
It's High Time We Abolished the Department of Homeland Security
Thom Hartmann · The surveillance state is even bigger, and scarier, than we thought.
The Corporate Dictatorship of PBS and NPR
Conservatives Benefit From Instant Runoff Voting, Too
The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program · According to a report yesterday in Bloomberg Businessweek, former 2012 Republican Presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were very close to forming a “Unity Ticket” back in February of 2012, in an effort to knock Mitt...