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Please Delete This - Was Supposed to Be a Video
Mark Ellison · Just love
To Overcome Trump, See That You Are Trump
Mark Ellison · We’ve heard it many times: 'hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that', and 'to love is to see yourself in the “other”', but can we really take that seriously? Do we want to take it seriously? To overcome Trump, we must truly...
The Five Blind Men (And the One Who Knows He Is Blind)
Mark Ellison · We are in strife as a species because our theologies are all wrong. Fundamentalists and atheists alike, either proclaim or reject a supreme being who is separate from you, from me, and from the rest of creation. But the term "separate...
We Are All One... so What?
Mark Ellison · So what? So You are literally All That Is. You are literally infinite, You are literally eternal, You are literally God. And more importantly, You are literally Me! This changes everything.
You Are Infinite, You Are Eternal, You Are God. And more importantly You Are Me
Mark Ellison · Science now confirms what we have always known to be true - that we are literally all one. And this changes everything