Articles by Amanda Froelich
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Call Out Big Pharma in Song "Drug Dealer"
Amanda Froelich · In this chilling song, pharmaceutical companies are called out for contributing to America's opioid crisis.
Photo Series Depicts Women's Experience of Male Entitlement
Amanda Froelich · "Boundaries" draws attention to the oppression of male entitlement that women feel on a daily basis in everyday life.
22 Startling Images Depict Life for Disney Characters in the Modern World
Amanda Froelich · ‘Unhappily Ever After’ uses beloved Disney characters to expose the unfortunate effect pollution, war, and modern society has on the world.
Nigerians Are Building Fireproof, Bulletproof, and Eco-Friendly Homes With Plastic Bottles and Mud
Amanda Froelich · These colorful homes are bulletproof, fireproof, and can withstand earthquakes. They also maintain a comfortable temperature, produce zero carbon emissions, and are powered by solar and methane gas from recycled waste.