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By David Amsterdam /
Oct 2, 2013


Ideals & Implementations
- David Nefesh 31st march'13
The laws of attraction are very important to be analyzed!
 Some, as we use to say in my own culture: " Those few Who were born with their asses turned to the Moon!"  Meaning, those who had always everything for granted, or needed and desired without ever had to fight for, or worked actively and hard for it. And therefore, for ever destined to get materialistic protection and blessings!
What makes this person different from others? Possessions, Pro-activer Influence, Control, Less consideration, etc...
Herewith, I am not saying such individual or collection of persons in this figurative category, are the happiest or better developed persons. Although they are able to pay for the best school, travel considerably and with it attaining the highest cultural intellect. But how would become of their social skills, in between: the lower classes or those who are- or- think differently?
How would they watch over themselves and upon others? Would there be Empathy, Recognition, Respect? Or would there be a sense of Superiority?
 Protection, Possession, and control provide self-security, less waist of time and energy to get what they want, thus less effort, etc...  Generally, more Peace Mentally. Such Person or collection of persons are Praised and Respected but mostly feared. With a relative or considered influence, power of decision, possessions, with more influential friends, etc... But, at a long term, is it healthy or profitable using all of these only to personal Gaining, and therefore ignoring everything else? We see for example, how some celebrities can loose themselves in their own Power, and Self-image or Megalomania. All is related and dependable of each character-intellectual growth, education, family, group, environment, culture, etc...
Individually or Collectively speaking:  there are many challenges ahead and elements at stake when their egos grow up, thinking Possession as the only way, and using it as personal mirror. It can turn out to become a so recurrent Icaro's or Narciso's narration. But once again, it depends mostly of the character- intellectual  growth or development, education, connections, relationships, etc... Not everybody is that megalomaniac enough! But at the same time, in this era of Globalization and Capitalism, it is hard not to use ostentation of Possession to be more accepted. Is it right, or is it wrong? What they use as clothing? What they drive? How many houses they buy? Which resorts or touristic destinies they travel? But mainly the way of thinking: Money isn't a problem and how the ostentation is managed! Meanwhile the rest watch, and have to starve, fight, work endlessly, but mostly struggle with their own life for more money. Two Perspective optical Directions, but one single goal!  Life stability and more wealth in life! So, someone can become a megalomanic and therefore affect him/herself and the rest around them, Positively or negatively. All depends in the importance of ostentation of Possessions! And how it is used! 
 Possessions, competition processes and ways of implementation!
We can see that, exemplified in the history. Just look at Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands and Great Britain on the Colonization ERA. Glorified and known as national 'GOLDEN' AGES. 
 It is very dangerous, thinking as the Moral Superior Ruler just because someone has a considerable amount of Power of influence, Control and Possessions, and therefore a more pro-active control upon the less fortunate ones, or those around them. Look what happened to the native cultures of the Americas, Africa, Australia, etc...
Megalomania! Some can become lost in that illusion and thirst of power, control and competition, and therefore loose it all. Such individual or collective of persons can become a tyrant towards themselves and towards others. Persons or collection of persons ruled by megalomanic ideals can suffer a contra-reaction. Of which can lead them to their own destruction, or of others as well.
 Look what happened to the Portuguese and Spanish Supremacies after they expelled the JEWS and Muslim cultures and communities from the Iberian Peninsula. Driven by the Catholic megalomanic Ideals, impositions till they lost everything. Look at them now!!!  
Implemented megalomanic ideals, can drive  to self destruction and loss of everything. It can be silenced, by the contra-reaction or side-effects. But mostly by someone's survival instincts, insecurities and fears or envies! It can also be stopped by justice mechanisms or claims(Milosevic, Charles Taylor, and much more judge or still to be judge in the International Court of The Hag- The Netherlands). Or else, by some way or another stopped, such as revolutions, invasions, assassinations, wars, etc...
Nazi Regime auto destruction, Martin Luther King and J.F. Kennedy assassinations, Napoleon silenced and put aside, to give some well known examples. 
First and Second World Wars characters serve also as a Good Example! 
So, at the same time, become victims of his/her own megalomanic ideals and insecurities. Mostly insecurities, choices of megalomanic ideals' implementation, and therefore contra-reaction are specially, the main source of: conflicts, wars, crime, authoritarian regimes, subjugation, etc...
Looking to the North American Revolution: the causes, ways and means of implementation, and its so recurrent bad symptoms. To be more precise: look how absurd the Slavery was used as a reason, if not main source of the North American Revolution. The Northern States pro Abolition and pro-Human rights, and in the Southern States against the Abolition of Slavery, because that was the source of their economic growth. After all the conflicts and Unification and implementation of the Slavery's Abolition and Universal Human Rights in the American Constitution. Look how things had changed! Where Afro- Americans were till 50 years ago, still subjugated, discriminated, humiliated, and socially undermined continuously. Even more than 100 years after the abolition of Slavery, and the declaration of the French Human Rights in the American Constitution. Although, Northern side had won the war, and therefore the Slavery's Abolition was implemented. The declaration of human rights were adapted, but still...
 The bad symptoms of all implementations, manipulations in old patterns and therefore its so well known old symptoms. The main goal was Will of Power of one side upon the other, Thirst of more control, and further on... Money!
Lets take Europe as a reference! 
We have Western-Europe as a whole area, smaller than Brazil. But divided in different countries. Till recently, they were constantly, in wars of Control and Power driven mostly by their thirst of power, megalomanic ideals, ways of implementations and insecurities. Each of them turned with their backs and weapons against one another! Each of them having its own language, culture, laws, etc. Anyway, we just need to look our own history! Globally the same old patterns and same old symptoms reoccur! 
 In Europe, what we all have in common? 
Our geographic global local Area, Roman/Christian values and culture and, our Genetic past. In the Europe of today: Our GENETIC PAST can no longer be applicable and much less to be fought for! It's impossible and therefore Self-suicidal!  The European Genetic Past, which was more uniform till less than 100 years ago. Our genetics changed, through the human migratory streams after the second world war. Culturally we got richer, but at the same time, we saw increasing the conflicts between cultures. 
Once again, Going back is impossible, and therefore Self-suicidal! Look Nazism, and its consequences, and finally its self-destruction! So we have to move forward, WE HAVE TOO!!!
 In this Globalize Era, the unification of our continent is at the same time a source of bad symptoms, through its megalomanic implementations and manipulations of those in Power. Giving as an example with some practical questions:
- Are the leaders of European Union selected democratically? NO!!!  
- In reality, who is now-a-days in charge? WE HAVE NO CLUE!!!
- How much influence you have individually on the choices and laws made in the European Parliament in Brussels? NONE!!
 Creating this project, megalomanic ideal which was tried before, till it collapsed from its own implementations and manipulations! Once again sold and Imposed to us, through old patterns, and as the main reason of conflicts, differentiations between the states.( Symptoms: subjugation of smaller/poorer states by richer/bigger ones).  And objectively to become more: Powerful, influential and have more Control internally and externally, but specially as source of more Possessions.
Now Globally or Generally speaking!
Our Universal Laws and Human Rights; Our Scientific Progress; Our current knowledge and awareness of almost each culture, different from ours; our capacity to travel to all the corners of the world; English as the Single world language; our near proximity to different cultures; communities composed by different cultures; world wide web!  
Do we really think we can profit from the socio-cultural conflicts? It is very important to solve problems, but:
 - Do we have to solve them through old ways, or old patterns? And continuously?
- Do we have to keep being afraid of each other? In constant fear? 
- Or thinking superior upon those who are... or think different from us? Do we have to keep Racism, Xenophobia, Nationalism and much more? Do we really have to?
- Do we need to behave or think in old well known patterns which only cause the same old symptoms?
Didn't Biology and Genetics described all of us as Humans, even though we have cultural and genetic differences? 
Our Global and Collective Awareness and Conscience had increased exponentially, but why we still keep acting and thinking in old patterns? 
Shouldn't we change as well our Collective Behavior? Shouldn't the current RULING SOCIAL MECHANISM or LEADERSHIP FORMS and HUMAN BEHAVIOR suffer an EVOLUTION? 
What is the cause of this Stagnation? Proudness? Superiority Complex? Or are we afraid to loose our hierarchic PLACE?
Lets go back to our European History!
 In Europe We had Napoleon, we had Hitler, and much more that had come earlier, trying to unify Europe as a single country through Control, Imposition, and Manipulation. Thirst of Power, megalomanic ideals, moral Superiority complex, all of them glued to a much more bigger set of Insecurities or fears! It's in us innately, as our Survival and Adaptational qualities as living beings. And off course these references have their benefits on our survival's mechanism. We need to fear, adapt and develop in order to survive. 
But aren't we all, individually and Collectively: and at the same time ruled by the same Human Rights and Universal laws? 
-Human Rights. 
However Napoleon was extremely crucial for the declaration of the universal rights, and therefore the Equality of respect and right of each human being. Becoming much further in history, adapted and implemented at the global scale! 
Wasn't he and his ideals fought against, in first instance and silenced and put aside for a while? 
Fought against by the ruling system, and elite, because it was through the subjugation of someone's rights and freedoms that the system got its Power, Influence, Hierarchic Superiority, and got more possessions!
And at the same time, the French Revolution brought us further to the "Reformation of the Church/Faith" in the European spectrum, setting us once again moving forward in our collective socio-cultural evolution, scientific progress after many centuries of imposed stagnation! Imposed Self Blindness! And Illuminism and new rulers re-appeared. Same old mechanisms, patterns, and so well-known bad symptoms.
Universal Ideals were brought by the French Revolution! its implementations brought with it a lot of changes, differentiations , suffering, wars, etc...  perhaps as a cause  of Napoleon's ways and choices of implementation! By imposition and through the mechanism of war machine, which is a so old and well known recurrent pattern! By brute force and imposition. And with it, its contra-reaction based on the insecurities and will to maintain the Control, Possessions, influence of the conta-part ruled by England! By all ways and means had been fought against, bringing with it more negative side effects and innocent victims! 
- Does Bad symptoms, means always bad patterns' application?
- But wasn't Napoleon a Megalomanic idealist?
- Weren't his ideals later implemented? Didn't it moved us forward? YES!
 But still I ask: why was he fought against?
The answer: The Perpetuation of the status quo: Control, Power, influence and Possession. Even after the implementation of the Human Rights, some were and are still: subjugated, or ignored.
 Old So Well-Known Patterns, bring always the same old recurrent Symptoms!!!
Once Again:
 Napoleon himself was fought against mainly by England, the Super World Power of the time.  The ancestor or cultural father of the current Super Potency, which seems almost in decay! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The world ruler since the second world war, the global mechanic. United States of America, the creator of Capitalism. The new Social-mechanism which, its implementations and manipulation in so well-known and recycled patterns causing therefore so recurrent same bad and old symptoms. Socio-Mechanic Model the rest of the world had adapted and used in order to cope with the megalomanic AMERICAN Growth of: Control, Influences, and Possession. The English language as the WORLD LANGUAGE! And so, French Language and ideas no longer can influence us. And since the End of the Second World war, when it become the new World Potency, all of those who: want to do differently or do not follow their orders: are by force, or by manipulation, or by imposition, or by control... strangled, eliminated, assimilated, subjugated or in some exceptions put aside. We had Communism as well! See  Cuba, North Korea, and China till recently, and much more... 
United States of American and its Puppies! Arrogance, social Degradation, Stagnation, and Authoritarian Superiority Complex!
Why are the countries measured by how much they possess? Isn't it a bad symptom of Capitalism? Is it not true, countries should be measured by its:
 - Collective happiness, education, intelligence? 
 - Relationships  between cultures and differences internally?
 - Diplomatic Relationships?
 - Respect for the human Rights, Moral values and Ethical views?
 - Justice, Professional and Educational systems?  
Don't we all, individually, partially or Globally, evaluate each other by, how much materialistic possessions someone has? How can we be lead to think only on money? Or how much control and influence and therefore Possession do we really need? 
And who in reality benefits from all of this symptoms? 
 Important To be noticed and recognized: 
Our History repeats itself, all over and again! We also are able to recognize the Patterns, and therefore to learn with it for our own better socio-cultural evolution. Or do we just copy or repeat ourselves socio-culturally, such as it happens in Genetic Terms? NO! Change and constant development. We have to learn with our own History! We need that, and fast, before it is too late! 
 The thirst of Power or Control, Megalomanic ideals, it's Manipulations, Implementations and it's Bad Symptoms obstruct  us, in different levels. 
Systems of any source are extremely complexed, but all of them have an EXIT DOOR, or Aquilies's weaker point!
  Bad Symptoms and Collective Insecurities caused by the implementation of megalomanic ideals have been mostly fighting against our own collective and global perfection and therefore Socio-Cultural Evolution! And with it, we spent most of the time solving the problems or bad symptoms. Becoming stucked in the same ERA, Basically solving the bad symptoms with recycled patterns, and therefore creating more of the SAME SYMPTOMS. 
Just look how the correctional system operates and is implemented! Or the economic bail-outs we experienced recently, in order to perpetuate the same model or socio-economic mechanism.
 The Roman Catholic Church as an historic example! The Western ruler after the fall of the Roman Empire, for more than thousand years of the Western Civilization and colonized countries! Being in Power till recently. Imposing a collective knowledge, wherein deviations, developments or novelties were not allowed! So distant from our evolutionary Process's course, knowledge and reality's truth.
 And therefore we got stuck, and stopped in time by this social mechanism, as the ruler of our: rationality, insecurities, fears, ways of thinking, evolution and development! We all know, The Roman Catholic Church mastered us an fought against our social-cultural-scientific- and spiritual development. Stopping the Normal course of our socio-cultural evolution and perpetuating its control, influence but mostly for self-Profit, through imposition, manipulation, obstruction, etc...
Our collective Awareness' growth and collective knowledge evolutionary process stopped by brute force and by all means. Till it had to be fought against and bit by bit defeated.
 Thanks to the French Revolution!!!
Although I am of the opinion of discharging The Church as the Supreme Ruler, Do we really have to discharge the values? Values that are the base of our Western Cultural Identity!
 I mean, keeping the values we improved recently to the balance and well-being of our collective social life. Moral and Ethical Values and Universal Rights! Equality of treating each one of us! The respect of the uniqueness and difference of each of us economically, culturally, physically, religiously, psychologically, etc... As free beings for the well being of all of us. 
Capitalism and Communism! Both social-mechanisms that bring with it, too much suffering! Is there in the world, a bigger force that can unite us for once, and setting in a state of perpetual Positive and Progressive Evolutionary Trance? All this in order of let us find new and unknown realms of self-discovery and therefore evolution. Is our own Collective Knowledge used against us? Who profits from all of this? How can we reverse this recurrent patterns? Forcing us instead on learning from our  changeable and multi-diversified collective knowledge, without: obstructions, manipulations. And specially: without the implementation in so old well-known patterns, and therefore setting us in the good path! When will the leaders Respect it? Or do we have to repeat ourselves with violent Revolutions and forever? When do we really learn with our own History?
Elite and Politic Classes:
Elites and Politics and their megalomanic ideals and thirst of Power and Control and Insecurities which they impose or implement are the source of more negative effects, because it affects or influences us all in general! 
Personally, I consider that we are living in a Era of Supreme transitions. It seems the human world is boiling, or else, is in a state of eminent volcanic explosion. Too much negative impacts we can see in the mains stream media, internet, in our personal lives, collective perception, etc...
Look the daily news: Which its NEWS are nothing of new or novelties. It's all categorized in Old Patterns and with it same old symptoms' reoccurrence! To much growth of our collective and therefore individual insecurities, such as: nationalism, separatism, radicalism, xenophobia, racism, etc... 
Another collective insecurity acquired since BUSH Administration: Can we believe everything that is told to us? Can we blindly believe in the Media? Can we blindly believe in everything that is told to us? More doubts, and therefore more confusion. 
In a Era of Globalized Information. Manipulation, Deceit &Doubt!
More Thirst of Power and Control, megalomanic ideals and much more collective insecurities! 
Based specially on our collective or individual human psychic's knowledge, socio-cultural intelligence and perception, challenging mostly the balance, creating therefore too much bad symptoms.  It's almost unbearable to adapt at the same rhythm of the oscillations occurrences. And the imposed obstruction or stagnation of our socio-cultural evolution in the name of Control, Influence, Possession.  In this case by the new social mechanism, as Capitalism, having Money, an imposed conceptual formality and therefore Possessions as the way of implementation, and Selection and much more UNJUST or UNFAIR Hierarchic Differentiation. In a Global ERA? Are you sure it's better for us? Think it better!
 We saw what happened when the Discovery of new Worlds took place, and how important, it was for our Global Perception's Development. We saw what it brought with itself! Slavery to be more precise!
 Old Pattern's implementation by thirst of Power and Control for megalomanic Ideals and therefore, giving us all old and recycled bad symptoms! Can we really put money above everything and everybody?
What can we learn from the continued patterns and their bad symptoms? 
Megalomanic ideals, Thirst of Power and Control, and much... much... much... much... more Insecurities and Fears!
And this perpetuation of symptoms of recycled megalomanic implementations, are mostly helped by our Collective Inactivity or lack of courage to adventure in the unknown realm of new socio-cultural ways. With us all to be subjugated by our own fears, insecurities and lack of courage to be different than the established norm and way of thinking! To be always silenced by the Social Mechanism' system. What can we learn from all of this?!?
Do we have to be ruled only by the Rational laws, Profit or Money? Or worst, to forget or put aside our Moral and Ethical views and therefore our better development at the socio-cultural level? 
Do we have to endure in this megalomanic social mechanism, which is Capitalism at the global scale? 
Do we really have to repeat ourselves till eternity on this way? 
Do we really have to repeat and reoccur in our own bad patterns and its negative symptoms? 
Are we all destined to become victims of our own insecurities and imposed megalomanic ideals and implementations? 
Where are our Collective and individual Emotions, Feelings, Intelligence or Respect of our qualities and limitations as human beings? 
Are we Computerized by or through our own fears and insecurities and thirsty wills of power and control in order to have more possession?
Can we be subtracted from our emotions and be only controled by the IMPOSED, COLDISH, SUPERFICIAL, ARTIFICIAL, DISHONEST AND MANIPULATIVE RATIONALITY? Can we please ourselves only in this way, and forever?
Do you think you can become happier, with the Conscience or Awareness of your success through the subjugation of someone's rights or the destruction of something so important for our own survival, as Nature? 
Do you really can be happier? Are you sure?!?
Please Evolute your way of thinking, improving it  for the sake of all of us, Globally!!! 
How will the Human History say about or classify us?
Don't we all want to become associated with Universal Socio-Cultural Progress for all the eternity? Or Do we all want to be used as a Negative Historic Reference mark? Or should we be remembered as:
The era of Blind Reason? Or worst, The Dark Age of the Second Millennium? 

And If we found already an eternal and cleaner source of energy;

Why, for the profit of only a few, do we all universally have to fight for more Dirty OIL, and more Power, More Possession and More destruction, much more manipulative obstructions and much more suffering? 
We have already modernized our Moral and Ethical Views! We have already adapted and recently modernized our Human Rights' Principles for almost every single way of thinking, and way of to be in life!  
The Netherlands, as a direct examplebecoming known as Prior on the implementation of Gender and Sexual Choice' equal rights and the legalization of: prostitution or the personal consumption of drugs! 
Didn't the Netherlands become known as the Country of the Freedom? New improved implementations! Profiting with it exponentially, till now-a- days by the means of tourism, commercial relationships, diplomatic relationships, and growth and reach of its influence on the Global Scale! 
Have its New acquired Megalomanic Interests, Moral Superiority Complexes and its Insecurities changed forever its old World Wide celebrated Ideals? 
Isn't the Netherlands praised by its own melting-pot as well? So why are we then so divided internally and culturally? Why all the Religious, Cultural provocations and conflicts, and fears of what is different from us?
Why the constant cultural segregation, subjugation, discrimination and economic differentiation? 
 Why are we lately so much driven by Money-mania, upon everything else??? Who profits from this? 
Or Who is Megalomanic enough, thinking he/she  can by the means of Influential Manipulation, create and perpetuate an UNNATURAL or Artificial  SELECTION mechanism such as Money? 
Deciding who Goes, and who Stays? Is it Right the use of Manipulation or ABUSE OF POWER processes? 
Shouldn't it become a crime? Or isn't it already, One?
The Law is Reason Free from Passion!!! - Aristotle's (Greek Philosopher)
Love, Respect & Recognition!!!
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