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Films For Action does not necessarily agree with every perspective featured in the films or articles on this site. Though we obviously align with the overall messages of the content we’ve added, we may not agree with every point. Half of the content in our library, likewise, has been added by site members, so agreement may diverge farther from there.

We fully believe in the spirit of the "marketplace of ideas," where a diverse array of perspectives are made available to the public so that the best ideas can rise to the top, and people can research and decide for themselves.

Again, when digesting media of all forms, whether mainstream or alternative, the golden rule still applies: Think for yourself. Do your own research. Be skeptical but stay open-minded. Don't just agree with it because you identify with the messenger, and don't turn off automatically to the idea if you don't. Developing excellent media literacy skills is important for all of us, no matter how reliable our sources of information are. This is why we have dedicated a section of our site exclusively towards media literacy videos.