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Laboratory Greece (2019)

"Laboratory Greece" is a journey through Greece's past and recent history: from the Second World War to the process of European integration, to the current economic and financial crisis. It's a historical documentary, a look into many stories: the everyday life in the epicentre of the neoliberalist policies implemented. Fascism, the occupation of yesterday, and the Resistance: Greece is a country that owes its liberation to its people. The Cold War, the military dictatorship and today's Troika: hope, anger, despair, pain and catharsis of a nation that is resigned yet combative, compliant yet revolutionary, indifferent yet generous and supportive. "Laboratory Greece" is a journey shared with intellectuals, politicians and common people. Analyses and reports from the Greek laboratory. Chronicles of our future: a course through the generations in order to abandon the eternal present and create a future of a human dimension.
« If Democracy can be destroyed in Greece, it can be destroyed throughout Europe »
Paul Craig Roberts
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