Chipotle Fires First Shot to Take Down Big Food in This Brilliant Short Film

Produced by Chipotle and created by the Academy Award–winning Moonbot Studios - this masterfully animated film feels like more than an implicitly subversive attack on big agribusiness corporations like Cargill, Tyson and Monsanto.

In true artistic form, no such names are named, but the message Chipotle is hoping to get out with this admittedly ingenious marketing strategy seems to be clear. When the lines are drawn between the movement for sustainable food and the industrial 'big ag" companies, Chipotle would like us to to firmly identify itself with the former.

The dystopian fantasy is set to a remake of the song “Pure Imagination” from the 1971 film classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” It's sung by Grammy Award–winning artist Fiona Apple.

Chipotle's commitment to "responsibly raised beef, pork and chicken" isn't perfect. As you might expect, it's had difficulties retaining this commitment as it's grown to over 1,500 locations, while using conventional meat when the better stuff isn't in supply. Nor have they addressed the last predicament of all organic, free ranged meet -- that last trip to conventional slaughterhouses, where I've yet to hear of any 'cruelty minimized' innovations. 

All those admissions aside, it's safe to say Chipotle is certainly a star role-model for a business its size, and has been taking several steps in the right direction. - FFA

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