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Democracy and Ecology as Forces of Change: Interview With Yavor Tarinski
Yavor Tarinski · Interview with author and activist Yavor Tarinski, whose latest book "Concepts for a Democratic and Ecological Society" (Zer0 books, 2022) has just came out. He participates in social movements around the Balkans, as well as in...
Anomie and Direct Democracy
Yavor Tarinski · All political institutions are manifestations and materializations of power; they petrify and decay as soon as the living power of the people ceases to uphold them. -Hannah Arendt[1]   Nowadays we constantly hear how the political...
The Case Against Police Brutality: Towards Radical Social Transformation
Yavor Tarinski · [T]he biggest enemy of society’s security is the state and the private organization’s belonging to it. Selma Irmak, member of the Democratic Society Congress[1]   Introduction   Police arbitrariness and impunity are a common trait...
Bureaucracy and Neoliberalism
Yavor Tarinski · The neoliberal bureaucratization of society and of government action seems to be one of the main characteristics of the contemporary world, transcending as it does the diversity of geographical, social, political, and economic situations.
Why We Need to Democratize Education
Yavor Tarinski · Achieving comprehensive social change requires radical alteration of everything, including education. But most of the attempts to reform the educational system are limited. What is needed is a democratization of education through the...
Politicizing Ecology - Beyond Technocracy and Constant Growth
Yavor Tarinski · For some decades now the human civilization has embarked on a journey to rapidly extract whatever resource it can from the planet as to maintain its current predominant doctrine — unlimited economic growth. There are, as one could...
The Revolutionary Potential of Solidarity Economy
Yavor Tarinski · Brief History
Two Brilliant Thinkers Had the Same Solution to Political Oligarchy: Direct Democracy
Yavor Tarinski · The primary threat to nature and people today comes from centralizing and monopolizing power and control. - Vandana Shiva