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Articles by Velcrow Ripper
How Can the Crisis of Our Time Be Turned Into a Great Love Story?
Velcrow Ripper “The future belongs to the most compelling story.” — Drew Dellinger Humans are story-makers — we are continually weaving disparate events into coherent narratives. It gives...
You've Been Sleeping, And It's Time To Wake Up! (Zen Hand Clap)
Velcrow Ripper Awake from your slumber of cynicism! Awake from your slumber of despair!
Velcrow Ripper: Love In A Time of Climate Crisis
Velcrow Ripper It’s the year 2010. Icebergs are melting, forest fires are raging out of control, sea levels are rising, drinking water is becoming scarcer, droughts, famine, conflict —...