Articles by Thandeka
The Whiting of Euro-Americans: A Divide and Conquer Strategy
Thandeka · "With a swelling slave population, the masters faced the prospect of white freedmen with disappointed hopes joining forces with slaves of desperate hope to mount ever more virulent rebellions. The elites’ race strategy decreased the...
Rev. Thandeka on Whiteness and Anti-Racism
Will Shetterly and Thandeka · From The Whiting of Euro-Americans: A Divide and Conquer Strategy:
Thandeka: Why Some Anti-Racist Programs Will Fail and Others Will Succeed
Thandeka · Editor's note: Thandeka wrote this in 1999, but her analysis and contribution to the discussion on anti-racism remains as relevent to today as ever. She addressed this to Unitarian Universalists, but you can read it as if she's...
The Cost of Being Socialized White
Thandeka · Most white Americans believe they were born white. Yet their own stories of early racial experiences describe persons who were bred white. Which is it-nature or nurture? Neither. The social process that creates whites produces persons...
Class Conflict Between Elite Whites and Poor Whites - The Invisible Race Problem That's Killing Black Americans
Thandeka · The “race problem” between police and black Americans won’t go away because it’s a deadly ruse.