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Articles by Steven Gorelick
Thinking Outside the Grid
Steven Gorelick · Thirty years ago, a friend of mine published a book called 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save The Earth. It described the huge environmental benefits that would result if everyone made some simple adjustments to their way of life. Six...
Technology and Its Discontents
Steven Gorelick · Questioning the pro-digital consensus
What Does "Organic" Mean?
Francis Thicke, with an introduction by Steven Gorelick · The organic food movement suffered a major setback recently, when the US National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) voted in favor of allowing hydroponically-grown products to receive the “organic” label. This decision should not have come...
Our Obsolescent Economy
Steven Gorelick · The modern 'throwaway culture' was born in response to the needs of industrial capital. To move beyond it, we must rediscover the beauty of repair.
The Sharing Economy: It Takes More Than a Smartphone
Steven Gorelick · I ran into my friend Rick the other day in a small town near our homes in northern Vermont. He was just coming out of the bookstore, holding a pink plastic bag that, I would soon learn, contained a dozen eggs from his flock of free...
Judge a System by the Health of Its Children
Helena Norberg-Hodge and Steven Gorelick · On Globalization and The Costs of Exporting the American Dream
Changing Everything Except What Needs Changing: What's Missing From The Renewable Energy Debate
Steven Gorelick · Among climate change activists, solutions usually center on a transition to renewable energy. There may be differences over whether this would be best accomplished by a carbon tax, bigger subsidies for wind and solar power, divestment...
The Global Economy's "Impeccable Logic"
Steven Gorelick · Ever since the Occupy movement coined the terms “the 1%” and “the 99%” to point out disparities of wealth and power, the gap between rich and poor has received a lot of attention. In his highly-regarded 2014 book, Capital in the...
7 Billion for Dinner? Here's How to Feed Them
Steven Gorelick · Most people – even many of those who support small farms and eat organic food – believe that there’s no way to feed the global population without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, fossil fuels, biotechnology, heavy...