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Articles by Stephanie Mcmillan
If Workers Take Power
Stephanie McMillan · – Instead of the small class of capitalists controlling society, we can make our own decisions about work and social life. – Instead of some of us being forced to work too many hours while others are unable to find a job at all, the...
Capitalism Can't Be "Less Greedy" - the Greed Is Baked In
Stephanie McMillan · More people lately are identifying capitalism as the underlying cause of our current global troubles and crises. That’s certainly positive: the first step toward cure is a proper diagnosis. But most of the approaches being offered to...
So-Called "Post-Capitalism" Is Just Another Crappy Capitalist Snowjob
Stephanie McMillan · Every day we’re being dragged deeper into the capitalist nightmare. While workers are the only ones directly exploited by capital, many others such as the petite bourgeoisie (the “middle” classes) are also subject to its terrible...
Reclaim May Day
Stephanie McMillan · It's not just a slogan. It's a call to organize!
The Beginning of the American Fall
Stephanie McMillan · A comics report by Stephanie McMillan about two movements that converged on Washington DC, Stop the Machine and Occupy DC.
NGOs Are Cages
Stephanie McMillan · We really need to understand the methods used by NGOs* to undermine radical political organizing efforts and divert us into political dead ends. The climate march is a good case study because it's so blatant.  In South Florida, we saw...