Articles by Sophie Mcadam
Heartbreaking: Here's What a U.S Soldier Said When Asked to Justify the War on Terror
Sophie McAdam · "You grew up wanting so bad to be Luke Skywalker, but you realize that you were basically a Stormtrooper, a faceless, nameless rifleman, carrying a spear for empire, and you start to accept the startlingly obvious truth that these are...
Varoufakis : Media is Guilty Of “Terrorism”, Elite Think Democracy Is Irrelevant
Sophie McAdam · What Greek Ex-Finance Minister had actually suggested, is that his country pay an increased sum of money back, but over a longer time period, enabling the economy to grow over time. The creditors refused. When Prime Minister Tspiras...
10 Compelling Reasons You Can Never Trust The Mainstream Media
Sophie McAdam · A poll in 2012 showed that trust in the mainstream media is increasing, which should worry all of us who value truth, integrity and press freedom.