Articles by Sarah Van Gelder
It Wasn't All Bad: 5 Signs of Positive Change in 2016
Sarah van Gelder · The election divided the year into “before” and “after.” But there remain signs of hope for 2017.
Why I Kneeled Before Standing Rock Elders and Asked for Forgiveness
Sarah van Gelder · “We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke … But we’ve come to say that we are sorry.”
The Many Ways to Help Standing Rock
Sarah van Gelder · Even if you can’t show up at the wintry encampments, you can join water protectors in other ways: from calling the North Dakota governor to breaking up with your bank.
I Found the Spirit of Standing Rock in Communities Across the Nation
Sarah van Gelder · A four-month road trip showed me how many of us are already building a better America by working together.
To Thrive, We Must Be in Touch With Each Other
Sarah van Gelder · When we live connected to a community, we are more likely to become champions for one another, not just for ourselves.
5 Ways the News Media Can Get Real
Sarah van Gelder · When Donald Trump gets more air time than Bernie Sanders, the media misses the mark on grassroots change.
A Brief History of Happiness: How America Lost Track of the Good Life-And Where to Find It Now
Sarah van Gelder · For decades, we've been taught that economic growth and buying more stuff will make us happy—while trashing the planet. The good news is, there’s a better kind of happy: It starts with meaningful work, loving relationships, and a...
Amid Election Chaos, Communities Show Where the Real Power Is
Sarah van Gelder · In every community I visited, I found people working hard to lay a different foundation for our society.
More Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: This Time, They're Coming for Your Democracy
Sarah van Gelder · Twelve years ago, John Perkins published his book, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” Today, he says “things have just gotten so much worse.”
The Radical Work of Healing: Fania and Angela Davis on a New Kind of Civil Rights Activism
Sarah van Gelder · "Self-care and healing and attention to the body and the spiritual dimension—all of this is now a part of radical social justice struggles."
Six Hopeful Breakthroughs From 2015
Sarah van Gelder · 2015 was a year that shook us out of complacency. Black Lives Matter forced the nation to confront the threat of police violence faced every day by African Americans. The refugee crisis coupled with the movement of ISIS into Europe and...
Syria: Six Alternatives to Military Strikes
Sarah van Gelder · Many of the legal and diplomatic processes that led to peace in other times of conflict haven't even been tried yet in Syria.
11 Reasons Why We Should Not Attack Syria
Sarah van Gelder · As U.S. political and media leaders prepare for military strikes against Syria, the parallels to the lead-up to the war with Iraq should give us pause. Weapons of mass destruction, we are told, are being used by a cruel Middle Eastern...
The Cooperative Way to a Stronger Economy
Sarah van Gelder · Our little group of a dozen families was running out of time. After meeting every weekend for three years to plan our hoped-for cohousing community, and after investing much of our savings to acquire a few acres of land, it looked as...