Articles by Sandew Hira
A Decolonial Critique of the Concept of White Privilege: Why Injustice Is Not a Privilege
Sandew Hira · Introduction Many progressive people use the concept of “white privilege” to analyze racism. Critique is an essential component of decolonial knowledge production. It is a way of improving our theoretical and activist work. A...
A Decolonial Critique of Intersectionality
Sandew Hira · "Intersectionality calls for the recognition of multiple forms of oppression and exploitation and the need for solidarity. These are ideas that should be supported by everybody. So where does the need come from to criticize the concept...
The Theory of White Privilege – Why Racism Is Not a Privilege, but an Injustice
Sandew Hira · Within some parts of the activist movement the concept of White Privilege is quite popular. Let us take a decolonial look at the concept.