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Articles by Sabine Lichtenfels
I Love Being a Woman - How to Live Our Erotic Truth
Sabine Lichtenfels Around the world, women are searching for a feminine power they can affirm with self-confidence. This search is particularly delicate in sexuality, given the long history of...
Environmental Crisis and Inner Crisis Are Two Sides of the Same Coin
Sabine Lichtenfels Reflections on Global Grace Day 2017
"I Love Being a Woman" - What Will It Take to Create a World Where Every Woman Can Say This?
Sabine Lichtenfels “I am a woman. I am thankful for that, for I like being a woman.” Already this statement, if spoken in full truth, requires a fundamental shift in the worldview of women...
A Woman Who Makes This Statement Today Needs Revolutionary Courage
Sabine Lichtenfels I want to live in a community with men and women, with children, animals and plants so that I am not continually forced to hide my actual being from the others. Perception and...