Articles by Roseann Demoro
10 Things We All Lose If Bernie Chooses Not to Run in 2020
RoseAnn DeMoro · What policy issues would be off the table? What demands for transformation would be watered down?
Top 10 Reasons to Continue Supporting The Movement Sanders Ignited
RoseAnn DeMoro · Hillary Clinton will trounce the self-destructive Donald J. Trump, but the neo-liberals secure total victory if the Sanders movement falls away
The Remarkable Bernie Sanders Journey That Will Overcome the Crowning of Clinton
RoseAnn DeMoro · It’s not over. Far from it. The economic and political establishment, which includes the Democratic National Committee (DNC), its Wall Street and corporate backers, and the major media, most of it now owned by a half dozen big...
Beware: Someone Is Trying to Convince You That Bernie Can't Win
RoseAnn DeMoro · Sanders' message, his campaign, and the resounding support he is receiving nationwide has sent chills through those whose primarily loyalty is to the wealthy donors in mansions and corporate suites and the policy architects on Wall Street