Articles by Richard Register
The Ecocity: The Only Way to Organise Massive Populations?
Richard Register & Sven Eberlein · Richard Register invites permaculturists to scale up their ideas on a bigger level to cater for our increasingly large world population.
We Can Do So Much Better than Adaptation Or Resilience. Let's Focus On Building The World We Want.
Richard Register · 'Call it the creative instead of “resilient” frame of mind. “Resilient” is OK, but it is still reactive, if in a good way. Better to create something actively good in the first place rather than build dikes around what’s left over.'
Ecocities: Connecting Peace on Earth with Peace with Earth
Richard Register · This might seem a stretch but when John Muir said everything in the universe is connected to everything else he was serious. He was speaking of the ecology of natural systems in the broadest sense – and human ecologies too, no doubt...
Big Idea: We need a New Science of Physical Economics
Richard Register · It’s time we put economics into some sort of physical scientific context that makes sense.
Big Idea: Ecocity Economics
Richard Register · The ongoing economic crisis that began with the unraveling of wildly inflated real estate prices and the Wall Street derivatives bubble in 2007 and the crash into near depression in October of 2008 resulted in trillions of dollars of...
Green Cities and the End of the Age of Oil
Richard Register · Over the past century, our cities have been shaped — literally — for the benefit of the automobile and oil industries. Today, with global oil reserves headed toward irreversible decline, we need to face the challenges of the imminent...