Articles by Peter Bloom
So-Called 'Centrists' Are Really Incredibly Dangerous Extremists
Dr. Peter Bloom · Their supposed "seriousness" poses a serious threat to everyone but the small group of elites whose short-term interests they actually represent.
The Real Global Threat to 21st Century Freedom Is Authoritarian Capitalism Not Democratic Socialism
Peter Bloom · The fascists and plutocrats are not just coming... they are already here.
Do We Really Know What He Signed Up For?
Peter Bloom · The loved ones of lost soldiers deserve more than comforting words. They deserve justice.
Sex, Lies and America's Deplorable Democracy
Peter Bloom · The country’s political system is increasing rotting from the outside in and the inside out—a disintegration exemplified by the respective nomination of these two candidates who represent the worst qualities of modern America.
The Democratic Stockholm Syndrome
Peter Bloom · New Yorkers voted overwhelmingly for those holding their progress captive
Sanders Is Right: Clinton Not Qualified to Be a Progressive President
Peter Bloom · On 'quality control' and the Democratic Party
The Smart Con: Clinton Vs. Trump
Peter Bloom · Trump’s outlandishness may get more press but Clinton’s intelligence act might be just as dangerous
Bin Laden's Death and the Fairy Tale of the War on Terror
Peter Bloom · Recent revelations have challenged the official version of Bin Laden’s death, but the real cover-up concerns the motivations behind the War on Terror.