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Noam Chomsky: We Can't Let COVID-19 Drive Us Into Authoritarianism
Noam Chomsky · Note: This excerpt was adapted from Internationalism or Extinction by Noam Chomsky, edited by Charles Derber, Suren Moodliar and Paul Shannon. As the COVID-19 pandemic turns the global political and economic order on its head, two...
Internationalism or Extinction
Noam Chomsky, Paul Shannon, Charles Derber and Suren Moodliar · Capital is coordinated and globalized. Our struggles against injustice and oppression must be the same.
Noam Chomsky: You Don't Stop with the Lesser Evil. You Begin with It, to Prevent the Worst. Then You Deal with the Root Causes
Noam Chomsky and Robert Scheer and Natasha Hakimi Zapata · “There’s another word for lesser evilism. It’s called rationality. Lesser evilism is not an illusion, it’s a rational position. But you don’t stop with lesser evilism. You begin with it, to prevent the worst, and then you go on to deal...
Halle/Chomsky: an Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting)
John Halle and Noam Chomsky · Among the elements of the weak form of democracy enshrined in the constitution, presidential elections continue to pose a dilemma for the left in that any form of participation or non participation appears to impose a significant cost...
Noam Chomsky Answers The Question: "Who Rules The World?"
Noam Chomsky · Masters of Mankind: American Power and the Challenges of 2016
Noam Chomsky: Notion of Elite Guardian Class Dates Back to Founding of US
Noam Chomsky · Noam Chomsky explores the possibilities for a better human society in What Kind of Creatures Are We?, a collection of lectures bringing together his areas of expertise from language and mind to society and politics. This book serves...
The Soviet Union Versus Socialism
Noam Chomsky · When the world’s two great propaganda systems agree on some doctrine, it requires some intellectual effort to escape its shackles.
History Doesn't Go In a Straight Line
Noam Chomsky · Noam Chomsky on Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and the potential for ordinary people to make radical change.
Noam Chomsky: The Kind of Anarchism I Believe In, and What's Wrong with Libertarians
Michael S. Wilson and Noam Chomsky · "Anarcho-syndicalism is a conception of a very organized society, but organized from below by direct participation at every level, with as little control and domination as is feasible, maybe none."
Noam Chomsky: 'Their' Terrorism versus 'Our' Terrorism
Noam Chomsky · After the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people including the editor and four other cartoonists, and the murder of four Jews at a kosher supermarket shortly after, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared "a war...
Noam Chomsky: US The Leading Terrorist State
Noam Chomsky · "It's official: The U.S. is the world's leading terrorist state, and proud of it."
Noam Chomsky: What Links ISIS to World War 1, Gaza and Nuclear Catastrophe
Noam Chomsky · In October 2014, the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research ( asked Noam Chomsky to comment on some important world developments, including the threat of nuclear war, the recent escalation of violence in Gaza, and the...
America Is the World Leader at Committing 'Supreme International Crimes'
Noam Chomsky · The U.S.'s sledgehammer worldview is destroying countless lives and future generations.
America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force
Noam Chomsky · Whose security is the U.
Chomsky: Why the Rest of the World No Longer Wants to be Like U.S.
Noam Chomsky · Many countries in the world see the U.S. as the single greatest external threat to their societies. During the latest episode of the Washington farce that has astonished a bemused world, a Chinese commentator wrote that if the...
Noam Chomsky's Roadmap to a Just World: People Reanimating Democracy
Noam Chomsky · Noam ChomskyI'd like to comment on topics that I think should regularly be on the front pages but are not - and in many crucial cases are scarcely mentioned at all or are presented in ways that seem to me deceptive because they're...
Eve of Destruction (or How to Destroy a Planet Without Really Trying)
Noam Chomsky · What is the future likely to bring?  A reasonable stance might be to try to look at the human species from the outside.  So imagine that you’re an extraterrestrial observer who is trying to figure out what’s happening here or, for...
The Boston Bombings Gave Americans a Taste of the Terrorism the U.S. Inflicts Abroad Every Day
Noam Chomsky · April is usually a cheerful month in New England, with the first signs of spring, and the harsh winter at last receding. Not this year. There are few in Boston who were not touched in some way by the marathon bombings on April...