Articles by Nathanael Johnson
Here’s a Better Way to Argue about Climate Change
Nathanael Johnson · I recently got an email from a friend, asking me to take a look at an alternative way of thinking about greenhouse gases. He forwarded a link to a long scroll of a webpage dense with text. My friend said he hardly understood it “beyond...
Lawns Are for Suckers. Plant a Garden - for the Climate!
Nathanael Johnson · Ripping out your lawn and planting kale and peppers won’t just lead to great stir-fry — a new study finds it could make major contributions to fighting climate change, too.
Our Bodies Don't Need Meat. So Why Can't We Give It Up?
Nathanael Johnson · Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in which resources are so scarce that the government decides that all grain must go to people rather than animals. Without animal feed, steak exists only as a memory, and eggs become black-market...
Can Meat Actually Be eco-friendly?
Nathanael Johnson · Should we eat meat? That’s the big question, which — for this series — I’m asking three different ways: in terms of environmental sustainability, morality, and practicality.