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Articles by Naomi Klein
The Problem With Hillary Clinton Isn't Just Her Corporate Cash. It's Her Corporate Worldview.
Naomi Klein Clinton is uniquely unsuited to the epic task of confronting the fossil-fuel companies that profit from climate change.
The Leap Manifesto: A Call for Caring for the Earth and One Another
Naomi Klein and David Suzuki and Leonard Cohen and Ellen Page and Donald Sutherland 'This is our sacred duty to those this country harmed in the past, to those suffering needlessly in the present and to all who have a right to a bright and safe future.'
Naomi Klein Interview: "A 3-Day Week Will Help to Save Life on Earth"
Naomi Klein No Logo author Naomi Klein says we must revolutionise our working lives if we are to combat climate change and save the free world... Imagine an ordinary, full-time working...
How Science Is Telling Us All To Revolt
Naomi Klein In December 2012, a pink-haired complex systems researcher named Brad Werner made his way through the throng of 24,000 earth and space scientists at the Fall Meeting of the...
Why Climate Change Science Is So Threatening to Right-Wing Ideologues
Naomi Klein Unless we come up with some better solutions Klein says, "this crisis will be exploited to militarize our societies, to create fortress continents." AMY GOODMAN: Our guest...