Articles by Nafeez Ahmed
Inside the New Economic Science of Capitalism's Slow-Burn Energy Collapse
Nafeez Ahmed · And why the struggle for a new economic paradigm is about to get real
Pentagon Study Declares American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’
Nafeez Ahmed · Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’
Journalism's Next Frontier: Crossing the Threshold From Having to Being
A Letter to Extremists
Nafeez Ahmed · 40 people injured. 4 dead. An attack likely inspired by ‘international terrorism’ and Islamist-motivated. We k
Beyond Trump: Rebooting the System From Inside the Death Machine
Nafeez Ahmed, with Andrew Markell and Gunther Sonnenfeld · Free your mind, find your power, change the world
How the Trump Regime Was Manufactured by a War Inside the Deep State
Nafeez Ahmed · A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction
Brace for the Financial Crash of 2018
Nafeez Ahmed · 80% of the world’s oil has already peaked, and the resulting oil crunch will flatten the economy
Why the United States Is at War With Itself
Nafeez Ahmed · The End of History is just the beginning
Solar is Already Producing More Energy Than Oil, Says Major Scientific Review
Nafeez Ahmed · And is twice as powerful than previously thought
EU Energy Targets Will 'Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions'
Nafeez Ahmed · New renewable energy plan undercuts itself by boosting dangerous wood-burning industries
Intelligence Agencies Are Running Al-Qaeda Camps in North Africa says UN Consultant
Nafeez Ahmed · New evidence points to a Western cover-up of Algerian state sponsorship of Islamist jihadists, to protect oil and gas interests
Return of the Reich: Mapping the Global Resurgence of Far Right Power
Nafeez Ahmed · In May’s presidential elections in Austria, Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), lost by less than one percentage point to his rival, Alexander van der Bellen. But the FPO is not merely a...
How America's Afghan Crusade Came Home to Orlando
Nafeez Ahmed · The US-Afghan military industrial complex surrounding Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s father stretches from Blackwater to Donald Trump.
The Pentagon Is Building a 'Self-Aware' Killer Robot Army Fueled by Social Media
Nafeez Ahmed · Official US defence and NATO documents confirm that autonomous weapon systems will kill targets, including civilians, based on tweets, blogs and Instagram
Parliamentary Group Warns That Global Fossil Fuels Could Peak in Less Than 10 Years
Nafeez Ahmed · British MPs launch landmark report on impending environmental ‘limits’ to economic growth
Edward Snowden: 'We Must Seize the Means of Communication' to Protect Basic Freedoms
Nafeez Ahmed · Renowned NSA whistleblower calls for ‘radical’ popular action to take control of information technologies
The Pentagon's Secret Pre-Crime Program to Know Your Thoughts, Predict Your Future
Nafeez Ahmed · US military contractors are mining social media to influence your ‘cognitive behavior’ when you get angry at the state
David Cameron's Illiterate Proposal to Counter-Radicalisation by Targeting Muslim Women
Nafeez Ahmed · The Prime Minister’s statistics on Muslim women struggling with the English language are fudged — and the British media has failed to notice
How to Change the World in 3 Easy Steps
Nafeez Ahmed · I often get asked by people about what they can do to change things, to change the world, when each of us is just one person, in the face of so much that we cannot even hope to control or influence. What can we do? Why bother, given...
Western Firms Plan to Cash in on Syria's Oil and Gas 'Frontier'
Nafeez Ahmed · US, British, French, Israeli and other energy interests could be prime beneficiaries of military operations in Iraq and Syria designed to rollback the power of the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) and, potentially, the Bashar al-Assad...
Europe Is Harbouring the Islamic State's Backers
Nafeez Ahmed · Why France’s brave new war on ISIS is a sick joke, and an insult to the victims of the Paris attacks
A Thousand 9/11s
Nafeez Ahmed · The 9/11 attack was just the beginning of the bloodletting and the wanton abuse of law to extend unaccountable state authority
Nafeez Ahmed's Review of "9/11 Truther: The Fight For Peace, Justice And Accountability"
Nafeez Ahmed · A bitter dose of heartfelt rationality in a field muddied by conspiracy industry dimwits.
UN Plan to save Earth Is "fig Leaf" for Big Business
Nafeez Ahmed · Why the new Sustainable Development agenda is “fundamentally compromised” by corporate interests
9/11, Conspiracy Theory, and Bullshit Mongers
Nafeez Ahmed · I get trolled a lot these days by people with all sorts of ideological beef. It gets old, fast. 9/11 and 7/7 conspiracy theorists who believe that governments "did" 9/11 and 7/7 criticise me for being too "establishment". On Twitter...
Beyond Extinction - Transition to Post-Capitalism is Inevitable
Nafeez Ahmed · In Margaret Atwood’s powerful essay [It’s Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change] on the reality of climate change — and its implications for the future of oil-dependent industrial civilization — she tells two vastly distinct...
The Bin Laden Death Mythology
Nafeez Ahmed · Official history of raid camouflages US protection of governments behind 9/11
The American Far-right's Trojan Horse in Westminster
Nafeez Ahmed · Elites are using the Henry Jackson Society to sell surveillance, war, white supremacism, banks, and misogyny
How Big Money and Big Brother Won the British Elections
Nafeez Ahmed · The Conservatives have won the 2015 elections with a slim majority. Labour and the Liberal Democrats suffered unexpected crushing defeats, prompting their leaders, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, to resign. And despite winning a...
The US-Saudi War with OPEC to Prolong Oil's Dying Empire
Nafeez Ahmed · Whoever controls the price of oil can play god with the global economy - that’s why the US and Saudi Arabia are leading the way to smash OPEC and re-create a new global oil cartel “No one can set the price of oil,” said Saudi...
Patriarchy Is Killing Our Planet
Nafeez Ahmed · The global epidemic of violence against women and their systematic exclusion from the power structures that rule us are integral to man's violent exploitation of Earth and her resources, writes Nafeez Ahmed. The fight to save the Earth...
Coming Soon: The 'Big Heat'
Nafeez Ahmed · Forget the so-called ‘pause’ in global warming—new research says we might be in for an era of deeply accelerated heating.  While the rate of atmospheric warming in recent years has, indeed, slowed due to various natural weather...
Preventing Dissent - How Britain’s new police state will radicalise us all
Nafeez Ahmed · In the UK, an insidious secret network of violent extremists is plotting to subvert democracy. The members of this network detest our way of life, and hate our freedoms. Walking amongst us, this dangerous fifth column is exploiting the...
No Piers Morgan. This Is How to Destroy the Islamic State
Nafeez Ahmed · The religious façade is merely another element of IS propaganda, the mobilising ideology that provides a veneer of legitimacy for its existence Recently, in the Daily Mail, Piers Morgan wrote about his “uncon
Netanyahu's Real Goal is to End Palestinian Sovereignty
Nafeez Ahmed · Israel’s military assault on Gaza has so far killed over 200 Palestinians and wounded more than 1,500. Nearly 80% of these casualties have been civilians. One Israeli has been killed by a mortar shell from Hamas rocket attacks, along...
The Open Source Revolution Is Coming And It Will Conquer The 1% - Ex CIA Spy
Nafeez Ahmed · Robert David Steele, former Marine, CIA case officer, and US co-founder o
The Global Transition Tipping Point Has Arrived - Vive la Révolution
Nafeez Ahmed · A new post-carbon era dawns as the old fossil fuel system dies. It's time to step up.   Last Friday, I posted an exclusive report about a new 
Ukraine Crisis is about Great Power Oil & Gas Pipeline Rivalry
Nafeez Ahmed · Resource scarcity and competition to dominate the Eurasian energy corridors are behind Russian militarism and US interference
Russell Brand Takes On The Crisis of Civilisation. But What Now?
Nafeez Ahmed · During his Wednesday night interview with Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, comedian and actor 
The Crisis of Civilization is an Unprecedented Opportunity
Nafeez Ahmed · Earlier this month, I had the honour of being interviewed by 
Ice Free Arctic in Two Years Heralds Methane Catastrophe: Scientist
Nafeez Ahmed · Leading Arctic expert Prof Wadhams warns that a summer ice free Arctic in 2 years could trigger dangerous methane release, triggering costs as high as entire world GDP.
Pentagon Bracing for Public Dissent Over Climate and Energy Shocks
Nafeez Ahmed · NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism Top secret US National Security Agency (NSA) documents disclosed by the Guardian have shocked the world with revelations...
Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to an al-Qaeda chief spiked?
Nafeez Ahmed · FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds was described as "the most gagged person in the history of the United States" by the American Civil Liberties Union. Was the Sunday Times pressured to drop its investigation into her revelations? A...