Articles by Miki Kashtan
Wanting Fully Without Attachment
Miki Kashtan · If you have had a spiritual practice or have experience with personal growth workshops, you have no doubt heard many times that letting go of attachment increases happiness and well-being. The principle is simple, but exactly what does...
Tenderness, Vulnerability, and Mourning in Response to the Legacy of Patriarchy
Miki Kashtan · "So what can I do, as an individual?"
Core Nonviolence Commitments
Miki Kashtan · I have not found a word that captures the exact line that I am looking for. Commitment may be a bit too strong, and tends to connote “should,” thus invoking the non-choiceful energy of obligation and duty. “Intention” is not strong...
Why Patriarchy Is Not About Men
Miki Kashtan · In response to my recent newsletter, which I named “Tenderness, Vulnerability, and Mourning as a Response to Patriarchy”, I received two comments from men that led me to choose to write this piece. In two very different ways they...
#MeToo and Liberation for All
Miki Kashtan · “I want to kiss you all over your smile.”