Articles by Martin Kirk
Don’t Be Scared About the End of Capitalism—Be Excited to Build What Comes Next
Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk · Instead of fixating on a fight between capitalism and socialism, imagine innovating a future economy that transcends old binaries.
The Future of Activism
Juan Manuel and Martin Kirk · The times certainly are a-changing.
Capitalism's Excesses Belong in the Dustbin of History. What's Next Is up to Us
Martin Kirk · It’s time to dethrone capitalism’s single-minded directive and replace it with a more balanced logic, laying the foundations for a better, more equitable world
Are You Ready to Consider That Capitalism Is the Real Problem?
Dr. Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk · Before you say no, take a moment to really ask yourself whether it’s the system that’s best suited to build our future society.
All Change or No Change?
Martin Kirk, Jason Hickel and Joe Brewer · This is a story of power, but perhaps not the traditional kind. The kinds of power we are interested in are the deep currents.... the cultural forces that shape all of our lives at the deepest levels.
The Beautifully Lived Life of Jo Cox
Martin Kirk · A tribute to my friend – who was driven by an unambiguous desire to make life better for those battered and beaten and punished by this world.
Seeing Wetiko: on Capitalism, Mind Viruses, and Antidotes for a World in Transition
Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk · What if we told you that humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? That all the poverty, the climate devastation, the perpetual war, and consumption fetishism we see all around us have roots in a mass...
Five Dangerous Thoughts about Capitalism
Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk · Our system of modern capitalism is just one story; it is not the only one there is. It’s not inherent within us. It isn’t some inevitable expression of predefined Human Nature. It was invented by human beings and so human beings can...
New Campaign to Help Bank Workers Blow the Whistle on Corruption and Abuse
John Sellers and Martin Kirk · Whistleblow Wall Street makes it easier for bank workers to expose harmful and unjust practices