Articles by Kelly Hayes
Standing Rock Braces for Eviction: Will You Keep Fighting With Us?
Kelly Hayes · Our people will continue to resist in and beyond this moment, as this is but one front in the wars being waged against us.
Why You Should Stop Apologizing for Doing All That You Can
Kelly Hayes · I’ve noticed lately that a lot of allies and accomplices I talk to about NoDAPL and other struggles will name what they are trying to contribute to the cause, and then promptly apologize that they can’t do more. Often, the apologies...
Remember This When You Talk About Standing Rock
Kelly Hayes · This piece is very personal because, as an Indigenous woman, my analysis is very personal, as is the analysis that my friends on the frontlines have shared with me. We obviously can’t speak for everyone involved, as Native beliefs and...
Erased by False Victory: Obama Hasn't Stopped DAPL
Kelly Hayes · All Native struggles in the United States are a struggle against erasure. The poisoning of our land, the theft of our children, the state violence committed against us — we are forced to not only live in opposition to the
For Little Girls Inspired by Hillary Clinton
Kelly Hayes · As an Indigenous woman who organizes in the hopes that both Black and Brown people might know greater freedom, safety and self determination, I am no fan of electoral politics.