Articles by Kazu Haga
Why We Need to Move Closer to King's Understanding of Nonviolence
Kazu Haga · Nonviolence is not simply the absence of violence, but about taking a proactive stand against violence and injustice, and working to repair the harm.
Violence Brought Us Trump, It's Not How We Will Stop Him
Kazu Haga · What’s next? That is the big question facing this country after the election of Trump. And many people have been sharing their thoughts on that over social and traditional media, over dinner conversations, at the office and on the bus...
Why the Moral Argument for Nonviolence Matters
Kazu Haga · “Bernard? Oh yeah, he’s great. He was always the principles guy.”
Don't Feed the Trolls — How to Combat the Alt-Right
Kazu Haga · Nazism and white supremacy are forms of violence. Let’s start there.
Why Black Bloc Tactics Won't Build a Successful Movement
Kazu Haga · I admit, I laughed a little too. When I first saw videos of white nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched by a protester, I thought it was funny. And even now, I’m not exactly shedding a tear for him. I certainly pray that the...
The Urgency of Slowing Down
Kazu Haga · On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “Beyond Vietnam” speech in Harlem’s Riverside Church. In it, he spoke of being confronted with “the fierce urgency of now.”