Articles by Kate Aronoff
The Important Debate Planet of the Humans Misses
Kate Aronoff · Instead of lambasting yesteryear’s renewable energy, the movie could have taken up current, more relevant questions.
Trump Won. Now We Organize to Block Him, Every Step of the Way
Kate Aronoff · Progressives must unify to halt a slide into authoritarianism. A visionary left is better suited to lead this mission than routed establishment Democrats
The Left Deserves Better Than Jill Stein
Kate Aronoff · Stein’s Green Party run doesn’t offer a plan to win, or to build power. The Left is capable of so much more.
As Britain Exits, the Need for a Strong Climate Movement Remains
Kate Aronoff · Britain’s vote last night to leave the European Union will be a disaster for the climate — both physical and political — on both sides of the Atlantic.
Is Shut It Down the New Occupy?
Kate Aronoff · As occupying public spaces was to the Occupy movement, “Shutting It Down” is to the new wave of protest around police brutality and systemic racism. “If We Don’t Get It, Shut It Down” has long been a favorite chant of the labor...
The 'Climate Swerve' Didn't Just happen
Kate Aronoff · In last week’s Sunday Review, psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton praised the “climate swerve” — a deep and dramatic shift in public opinion on the climate crisis. The shift is, as Lifton rightly states, “a major historical change in...