Articles by Josh Liveright
The Button
Josh Liveright · A short play.
Break the Endless Cycle of Violence
Josh Liveright · A few thoughts on a Sunday morning.
An Elegy for William Hurt
Josh Liveright · William McChord Hurt b. March 20, 1950 d. March 13, 2022
A Cosmic Band-Aid
Josh Liveright · The jab is yet another attempt to clean up one of our messes.
Both And
Josh Liveright · A Direct Route to Feeling and Experience
Ten Days of Charles Eisenstein
Josh Liveright · A Collection of Tweets That Fell on Deaf Ears
No Neutral
Josh Liveright · A letter to white people from a white person.
There's No Place Like Home
Josh Liveright · Trigger warning - this essay contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault.
The Power of Disposable Time
Josh Liveright · In a recent article called “Coronavirus Requires a Collective Response” by professor David Harvey, I was struck by the timeliness of his argument. Harvey quoted Karl Marx a bunch but I’m going to simply paraphrase. Marx claimed that any...
The Point Is to Change It
Josh Liveright · All suffering begins and ends in our brains.
A Prayer for 2019
Josh Liveright · Or Whatever Number You Choose
Be Not Conformed to This World
Josh Liveright · A meditation on the midterms, narcissism and causing transformation.
Memory Reconsolidation and Dead Man Walking
Josh Liveright · How many men have come forward and confessed to committing rape or sexual assault in the public eye?