Articles by Jonathan Matthew Smucker
What’s Wrong with Activism?
Jonathan Matthew Smucker · Over the years I have often been asked how I became an activist. The question of how individuals as individuals become involved in social change movements, fascinating as it may seem, can carry equally fascinating assumptions...
Why We Should Stop Using the Word "Activist"
Jonathan Matthew Smucker · Contesting power isn’t a hobby or a subculture—it’s a collective project pervading all facets of our lives.
The Danger of Fetishizing Revolution
Jonathan Matthew Smucker · What do contact with extraterrestrials, the return of Jesus Christ, apocalypse, and revolution all have in common? In a sense, they are all imagined redemptions — epic reset buttons for humanity. Onto these we can pin our heartbreaks...
Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap For Radicals
Jonathan Matthew Smucker · “A powerful, rigorous, and clear-eyed guide to building social justice movements.”