Articles by John F. Schumaker
Children of the Lie
John F. Schumaker · Renowned clinical psychologist and social critic John F. Schumaker examines the growing power and influence of the lie in relation to ongoing reality erosion and various cultural trends that are fueling the war against truth and...
The Triumph of Triviality
John F. Schumaker · Clinical psychologist John F. Schumaker asks if modern consumer society is too shallow to deal with the deepening crises facing the planet.
We Are The People of the Apocalypse
John F. Schumaker · As growth-driven consumer culture spurs on planetary destruction, why don’t we spring into action? Psychologist John F Schumaker says a frightening erosion of human personality lies at the heart of the problem.
The Depression Myth
John F. Schumaker · If you think you're depressed, think again. Clinical psychologist John F. Schumaker explains that, while modern society is depression-prone and becoming more so, chances are you are actually suffering from demoralization, an even more...
Killing the Things We Love
John F. Schumaker · The increasingly unscrupulous propaganda machine of radical corporate capitalism is warping our humanity and driving us to destroy what is closest to our hearts, says clinical psychologist John F Schumaker. The last hope of defeating...