Articles by Jerome Roos
Don't Make Refugees Pay for the Terror They're Fleeing
Jerome Roos · Shutting down borders and blaming Muslim immigrants for the Paris attacks would give ISIS precisely the type of “civilizational conflict” it craves.
Greece's Capitulation Reveals Deep Conflicts within Eurozone
Jerome Roos · Rather than resolving the euro crisis, Tsipras’ unexpected U-turn has revealed deep conflicts among the creditors, who now fight over how to respond.
Greece's Referendum: One No, Many yeses!
Jerome Roos · A victory for OXI (No) would not just help restore a sense of dignity to Greece; it would strengthen the ground for anti-austerity struggles across Europe.
The IMF Defaulted on Greece a Long Time Ago
Jerome Roos · Even its own officials recognize that the IMF played a leading role in Greece’s economic collapse. It is time for the Fund to own up and pay its dues.
In Amsterdam, A Revolt Against The Neoliberal University
Jerome Roos · For three weeks now, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has been shaken by a wave of student protests against the neoliberalization of higher education and the lack of democratic accoun
Decade Of The Protester? Why The Uprisings Are Far From Over
Jerome Roos · In 2011, TIME Magazine selected “the protester” as its person of the year. Perhaps “person of the decade” would have been a more accurate depiction. We live in tumultuous times. Since 2011, every year seems to have brought more...
The Islamic State: a Monster the US Empire Created
Jerome Roos · The rise of fundamentalism is a decidedly modern phenomenon in which US imperialism has always played a major role. The Islamic State is no exception.
Democracy 2.0: Iceland crowdsources new constitution | Reflections on a Revolution ROAR
Jerome Roos · In just three years, Iceland went from collapse to revolution and back to growth. What can Spain and Greece learn from the Icelandic experience and its embrace of direct democracy? Just two or three years after its economy and...