Articles by Jeremy Lent
The Five Real Conspiracies You Need to Know About
Jeremy Lent · While millions of people are spellbound by falsehoods, actual threats go unheeded and unchecked.
Coronavirus Spells the End of the Neoliberal Era. What's Next?
Jeremy Lent · Coronavirus is a political crucible, melting down and reshaping current norms. Will the new era be a “Fortress Earth” or a harbinger of a transformed society based on a new set of values?
Five Ways to Curb the Power of Corporations and Billionaires
Jeremy Lent · We need to rein in the destructive power of corporations and billionaires before it’s too late. These five ideas would do that, while leaving global capitalism intact. Ultimately, only a complete transformation of our economic system...
As Society Unravels, the Future Is Up for Grabs
Jeremy Lent · As civilization faces an existential crisis, our leaders demonstrate their inability to respond. Theory of change shows that now is the time for radically new ideas to transform society before it’s too late.
We Need an Ecological Civilization Before It's Too Late
Jeremy Lent · In the face of climate breakdown and ecological overshoot, alluring promises of “green growth” are no more than magical thinking. We need to restructure the fundamentals of our global cultural/economic system to cultivate an “ecological...
What Will You Say to Your Grandchildren?
Jeremy Lent · Facing oncoming climate disaster, some argue for ‘Deep Adaptation.’ What we really need is ‘Deep Transformation.’
Steven Pinker's Ideas Are Fatally Flawed. These Eight Graphs Show Why.
Jeremy Lent · It’s time to reclaim the mantle of “Progress” for progressives. By falsely tethering the concept of progress to free market economics and centrist values, Steven Pinker has tried to appropriate a great idea for which he has no rightful...
Culture Shift: Redirecting Humanity's Path to a Flourishing Future
Jeremy Lent · It’s time to build a new worldview around a deeper sense of connectedness.
What Will It Really Take to Avoid Collapse?
Jeremy Lent · Fifteen thousand scientists have issued a dire warning to humanity about impending collapse but virtually no-one takes notice. Ultimately, our global systems, which are designed for perpetual growth, need to be fundamentally...
AI Has Already Taken Over - It's Called the Corporation
Jeremy Lent · Futurists warning about the threats of AI are looking in the wrong place. Humanity is already facing an existential threat from an artificial intelligence we created hundreds of years ago. It’s called the Corporation.
The New Mind Manipulators
Jeremy Lent · Your mind is being controlled by distant strangers who don’t have your best interests at heart. If that sounds like a paranoid fantasy, brace yourself and read on. These are the findings of a series of scientific studies that show how a...