Articles by Jennifer Luxton
Comic: Why You Should Turn Your Yard Into a Mini-Farm
Jennifer Luxton and Erin Sagen · Take that lawn by the grass and grow something!
Rosie the Riveter for the 21st Century: You Dreamed, We Drew
Jennifer Luxton · YES! Magazine readers submitted their ideas for updating the classic icon. See the winning poster ideas—and download your favorites.
What Makes America Great? Artists Resist Trump With 100 Days of Posters
Jennifer Luxton · The progressive agenda over the next four years will be hard-won—and heavily illustrated—if the past few weeks are any indication.
How Salmon Feed the Forests
Jennifer Luxton and Stephen Miller · Each year, immense schools of migrating salmon bring nutrients from the ocean to Pacific Northwest rivers—literally feeding the trees. Here’s where humans come in.
Infographic: A History of Debt Forgiveness and Relief
Lindsey Weedston and Jennifer Luxton · As long as there has been lending, there have been times when the people’s debt becomes a crisis. Here’s a look at the policy solutions governments have been using, starting in ancient Sumer.