Articles by James Herod
A Goal and Strategy for Anarchism
James Herod · It should be quite obvious, but apparently it’s not, that we can’t devise an anarchist revolutionary strategy until we have a clear idea of what it is we’re trying to achieve.
An Awareness of How We Do Not Want to Live
James Herod · There are places where you can come over a bridge and see a whole big city spread out before you. The Mystic River Bridge coming into Boston is such a place, as is the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan or the Golden Gate Bridge into San...
Is Greed All That's Wrong with Capitalism?
James Herod ·  Is greed all that's wrong with capitalism? No. It is not enough to attack capitalists for being greedy, although this is a common tactic. I hope to explain why in this short essay.
Getting Free: Creating an Association of Democratic Autonomous Neighborhoods
James Herod · The main purpose of this book is to try to persuade revolutionaries to shift the sites of the anticapitalist struggle and to select new battlefields. I identify three strategic sites for fighting - neighborhoods, workplaces, and...