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Articles by Gary Chartier
Libertarians Should Abandon The Term "Capitalism"
Gary Chartier · Advocating liberty means opposing the use of force to restrain peaceful, voluntary exchange. But it doesn’t have to mean calling a system of peaceful, voluntary exchange “capitalism.” Some people, of course, think this is obviously...
Health Care: An Anarchist Approach
Gary Chartier · The current US debate about health-care funding can be understood as concerned with meeting the challenge of doing three things at once: (1) Ensuring that everyone can afford to buy ample medical services and (2) lowering the price...
The Distinctiveness of Left-Libertarianism
Gary Chartier · Left-libertarianism in the relevant sense is a position that is simultaneously leftist and libertarian. It features leftist commitments to: engaging in class analysis and class struggle; opposing corporate privi
Embracing Markets, Opposing "Capitalism"
Gary Chartier · Being a libertarian means opposing the use of force to restrain peaceful, voluntary exchange. That doesn’t mean it should be understood as involving support for capitalism. Whether this claim makes any sense at all depends, of course...
Why Advocates of Freed Markets Should Embrace "Anti-Capitalism"
Gary Chartier · Defenders of freed markets have good reason to identify their position as a species of “anti-capitalism.”[1] To explain why, I distinguish three potential meanings of “capitalism” before suggesting that people committed to freed markets...