Articles by Frankie Boyle
Comedian Frankie Boyle Responds to Criticism of Tevor Noah's Characterization of Antifa
Frankie Boyle · Today I saw a few people I respect enough not to have muted taking a tilt at Trevor Noah for some bit where he called out antifa, and called them “Vegan Isis”. This will sound snobbish, but I often cringe when well meaning types on the...
Why Do We Focus on the Gleaming Bombs, Not the Aftermath?
Frankie Boyle · "Perhaps our whole fucked up attitude to war comes from only ever seeing our missiles taking off, only ever seeing our soldiers setting out."
A Brexit State of Play Summary Like No Other
Frankie Boyle · Brexit Britain is ready to go to war over Gibraltar says Lord Howard, a man I had assumed was dead, even when he was leader of the Tory Party. What could be more indicative of a failure to understand the age of digitalised globalisation...
"Clean Brexit" Sounds Like a Horse That Hits the First Fence in the Grand National and Gets Shot in the Teeth
Frankie Boyle · Theresa May was defeated in the Lords last week, and ever since has worn the appalled expression of a famously strict headmistress who has intercepted a note being passed between pupils that turns out to be a breathtakingly vivid...
Murdoch and Trump, Sitting at the Tee, S-C-H-E-M-I-N-G
Frankie Boyle · Say what you like about Donald Trump but he's already done things people said were impossible, like made Twitter worse. Looking back, the Harambe situation is the closest working model we have for a Trump presidency. Last week he gave...
Theresa May's Cabinet is Possibly the Most Right Wing in Modern History
Frankie Boyle · Comedian Frankie Boyle publishes critical article on his Facebook page after it was pulled by The Guardian newsaper
Theresa May Has Vowed to Unite Britain - My Guess Is Against the Poor
Frankie Boyle · The new Tory leader will no doubt introduce a cap for migrants. Probably an orange cone with an ‘M’ on the front that gives out an electric shock if they stray too close to a golf course
This Is the Worst Time for Society to Go on Psychopathic Autopilot
Frankie Boyle · From authoritarian power grabs to Andrew Neil’s nonsensical eulogy, the reaction to the Paris attacks proves that we haven’t learned from our past mistakes
The Snooper's Charter: One Misspelled Google Search for 'Bong-Making' and You'll Be in an Orange Jumpsuit
Frankie Boyle · I know why Theresa May has that permanently appalled expression – she’s seen my internet history
Britain Clings to Its Bombing Addiction With the Weary Rationale of a Junkie
Frankie Boyle · Turning Libya into a jihadi Mad Max should have cured Britain’s habit. But, instead of entering recovery, Cameron is just looking to score another hit in Syria
Frankie Boyle on #PigGate - Not even in the top ten worst things Cameron has done
Frankie Boyle · Thinking of a joke after the masses have trampled a subject is a bit like looking for your contact lenses just after the Battle of Agincourt. It seems that everyone’s a topical comedy writer when the PM puts his willy in a pig’s...
David Cameron Used 'Swarm' Instead of 'Plague' in Case It Implied That God Had Sent the Migrants
Frankie Boyle · The indifference of the British to the plight of the Calais refugees is staggering – we criticise the desperate people who probably have a good claim to asylum, but well up over lorries in a traffic jam
The West Has Normalised Racist Wars - But You Can't Solve Complex Problems with 1,000lb Bombs
Frankie Boyle · ‘Radicalisation’ is our new dirty word in the US and UK, yet radical change is needed. Here’s an idea: stop trying to fix the world with high explosives
Britain's Criminally Stupid Attitudes to Race and Immigration Are Beyond Parody
Frankie Boyle · I sometimes wonder if satire has reached a nadir in Britain because British society has itself become a parody of itself. The