Articles by Elizabeth Mizon
To Combat Extremism, We Need to Radicalise Our Own Thinking
Elizabeth Mizon · Radicals and extremists threaten our way of life, so goes the official line. The two labels are synonymous with each other in mainstream political discourse, and then further, with ‘violent fundamentalists’.
Radical Film-Making and Digital Paradox: the Case of The Fourth Estate
Elizabeth Mizon · Digital media technologies are full of paradoxes. On one hand they are said to open up new opportunities, a “democratisation” of media, but on the other they are said to consolidate not just media power, but also the ideological...
Is the media a business, or a public service?
Elizabeth Mizon · In his statement to the Leveson Inquiry into the culture, practices,
Interview with Tim Hjersted of Films For Action
Elizabeth Mizon · As research for a panel on the subject of ‘audiences’ at the Radical Film Network‘s inaugural conference earlier this year, I spoke to a number of media organisers and radical filmmakers about their work and how they survive while doing...