Articles by Colin Beavan
No Impact Man's Guide to Activism
Colin Beavan · So many of us have good ideas for helping the world. But we tuck away our ideas. I did. I’d tell myself that if the idea were any good someone else would have already done it. That I’m not capable of making a difference. I’d sit on my...
Ditch the “Animal Farm” Mentality to Break the Cycle of Fascism
Colin Beavan · As we resist Trump policies, try less fighting and speaking and doing to get “our” way and a lot more sitting and listening and questioning and being still.
Should We Bomb Syria (Or Afghanistan or Anywhere)? You’re Asking the Wrong Question
Colin Beavan · Critics of nonviolence say that option is the prerogative of the privileged. But actually it’s the other way around.
How to Resist From a Place of Love: Self-Care for the Long Haul
Colin Beavan · If you want to sustain yourself for the work ahead, here’s some advice: It doesn’t matter whether the other side “deserves” anger.
What It Takes to Change Hearts and Minds
Colin Beavan · To get someone’s support, you need more than just facts.
Keep Your Spirits Up: You Can't Help the World When You're Tired and Sad
Colin Beavan · We must take care of ourselves in a way that ensures our compassion is not drained away.