Articles by Chris Agnos
How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Fairly
Chris Agnos · A universal basic income (UBI) – an idea in which the government replaces all other forms of monetary assistance (welfare, social security, etc.) with yearly stipend – has enormous potential to radically transform our current...
I Don't Want to Benefit From The Indignity of Others
Chris Agnos · The following is an excerpt called A Slave World taken from a passage from Sacred Economics.
Why Recognizing Our Own Privilege Can Be so Hard
Chris Agnos · There is a kind of lottery that very rarely is talked about in which every single human being participates.
Capitalism and Communism - Two Economic Systems With the Same Goal
Chris Agnos · For the majority of the past century, a battle has been waged between two dominant ideologies – capitalism and communism.  Both competing economic systems focus on how best to allocate goods and services to the population.  Capitalism...
How I Stopped Believing I Was Separate From the Universe
Chris Agnos · Have you heard any of these statements before? Life is hard and requires sacrifice. If you work hard, you will succeed. There is not enough. Look out for yourself. The world is hostile. “Survival of the fittest.” Competition drives...
Globalization Makes No Sense
Chris Agnos · When I lived in San Francisco, I often would marvel at the movement of goods through the ports across the bay in Oakland. Full container ships would enter the bay one after another and unload their cargo, which ultimately would be...
How Gift Economies Align With Our Natural Desires
Chris Agnos · All living beings share one thing in common. Each man, woman, child, bird, bee, and dog – all have just one life. For every living being, life begins and ends. We are all here for a very short time. Most of us live a life preoccupied by...
Nobody Is Born a Terrorist
Chris Agnos · Could you feel empathy for someone who has committed an act of terrorism?
The True Source Of Greed
Chris Agnos · “How much of the ugly does it take to substitute for a lack of the beautiful? How many adventure films does it take to compensate for a lack of adventure? How many superhero movies must one watch, to compensate for the atrophied...
Our Addiction to Control Is Enslaving Us
Chris Agnos · Is there a belief about the Universe or about ourselves that causes all of the conflict in the world?
Validation Is the Missing Ingredient to a More Sustainable World
Chris Agnos · I went through a recent awakening where I realized that something very important has been missing throughout my entire life.